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Factory strength

Baoding Hongqiang Rubber Co.,Ltd (Former name is Jili Rubber Company) was established in 1993,and adopted the name of Baoding Hongqiang Rubber Co.,Ltd in 2009.The company covers an area of about 20,000㎡,and the number of staff is 400,engineers are 10 and technicists are 30 among them.

R & D strength

We regularly invite the most well-known domestic ingredients division to give engineers ,technicists and other staff classes to to achieve the technology innovation ,so as to ensure that our products keep the competitive leadership among comveyor belt industry.

Trade capacity

The company trade ability is strong. Dominated by domestic market,we also occupy a certain market share in the Middle East,East Asia,Eastern Europe,South America and other places,with annual revenues of $85,130,325, including export revenues of $4,486,368, accounts for about 5.27% of the total.

New Products

Wave-shape apron conveyor belt

Wave-shape apron conveyor belt always work together with the wave-shape apron transferring system,normally the angle is more than 30°

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Steel wire core conveyor belt

Steel cord conveyor belt to make rope skeleton, with high tensile strength, elongation is small, into a good groove, flex resistance, impact resistance

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Entire core fire-proof conveyor belt

Entire core fire-proof conveyor belt is made from the entire belt core that soaks by the PVC,and then sulfurated,it featured high intensity,great trans

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PVC,PVG conveyor belt

PVC / PVG conveyor belt elastic good, not deformed. Selection of high-strength high-quality cotton, nylon, polyester canvas as belt core, product formu

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Loop Conveyor Belt

Annular rubber conveyor belt conveyor refers to the production process has made ​​endless conveyor belt without joint, its core joints with tape bo

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Nylon conveyor belt

Nylon cord conveyor belt is a multi-layer nylon canvas bonded together by a certain way, up and down covered with strong elastic good wear-resistant ru

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Ordinary conveyor belt

Conveyor in transport and storage, it should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow Baptist leaching, prevent contact with acids, alka

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Water-seal belt

Rubber Sealing and sealing rubber-based natural rubber and synthetic rubber as the main raw material, mixed with various additives and fillers, mastica

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1, in order to avoid delays or return address is unknown or can not contact caused, please try to leave a company or individual can sign a detailed delivery address and contact phone number.
2, after the signing of the sales contract, the seller needs to be paid to the seller 30% of the deposit.
3, on the manner in which the transport of goods, the specific delivery time, please consult with a good sales manager. We will be the first time delivered the goods your company is located.
First, please communicate to the customer purchases the product type and quantity that you need;
Second, the Company issued purchase contract;
Third, the buyer prepaid deposit, negotiated delivery time
Finally, delivery, please pay the balance before delivery.
specific receivables account, please contact the business manager. Thanks for your support!

Baoding Hongqiang Rubber Co.,Ltd(Former name is Jili Rubber Company) was established in 1993,and adopted the name of Baoding Hongqiang Rubber Co.,Ltd in 2009.It is located in Duikanzhuang,Li county,Hebei,where is convenient for transportation... more

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