Demands for conveyor belt is bigger and bigger

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With the improvement of economic development,scientific and technological advance and up-to-dateness,demands for conveyor belt becomes bigger and bigger.It is necessary to guide users to think highly of how to use conveyor belt properly,strengthen research on conveyor belt for specific use and further development of different kinds of large inclination conveyor belt as well as intelligent multifunctional tear resistant conveyor belt.The conveyor belt,conveyor belt transmission roller diameter and the cloth layer transmission drum,drum to supporting and the roller groove angle requirements shall be designed according to procisions of transport,reasonable selection.The feeding direction should be along the direction of belt in order to reduce the material falling on the conveyor belt impact should adopt the chute,reduce material gap distance.Conveyor belt material should shorten the roller spacing and the buffer roller for leakage,coveyor belt with the baffle plate of moderately soft,lest the gear plate is excellent,scraping the belt surface.

Conveyor belt manufacturers adopt international advanced standard.In recent years,China’s conveyor belt export volume becomes bigger and bigger.Foreign businessmen generally do not accept Chinese standards,they require the use of ISO,Germany or the Unites States standards.Therefore,the conveyor belt enterprises mustcollect,degest the relevant international standards,and manufacturing,testing,packaging and after-sales service by foreign technical standards.

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