Wave-shape apron conveyor belt

Wave-shape apron conveyor belt always work together with the wave-shape apron transferring system,normally the angle is more than 30°

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Steel wire core conveyor belt

Steel cord conveyor belt to make rope skeleton, with high tensile strength, elongation is small, into a good groove, flex resistance, impact resistance

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Entire core fire-proof conveyor belt

Entire core fire-proof conveyor belt is made from the entire belt core that soaks by the PVC,and then sulfurated,it featured high intensity,great trans

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PVC,PVG conveyor belt

PVC / PVG conveyor belt elastic good, not deformed. Selection of high-strength high-quality cotton, nylon, polyester canvas as belt core, product formu

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Loop Conveyor Belt

Annular rubber conveyor belt conveyor refers to the production process has made ​​endless conveyor belt without joint, its core joints with tape bo

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Nylon conveyor belt

Nylon cord conveyor belt is a multi-layer nylon canvas bonded together by a certain way, up and down covered with strong elastic good wear-resistant ru

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