Ordinary conveyor belt

Conveyor in transport and storage, it should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow Baptist leaching, prevent contact with acids, alka

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Water-seal belt

Rubber Sealing and sealing rubber-based natural rubber and synthetic rubber as the main raw material, mixed with various additives and fillers, mastica

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Oil resistant conveyor belt

Oil conveyor belt from cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas, after rolling, molding, curing and other refining processes, with relatively good

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Heat resisting conveyor belt

Resistant conveyor belt is a multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (cotton fabrics) or polyester coated canvas upper and lower temperature or heat-resistant

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Acid and alkali-resistance conveyor belt

Selection of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas as belt core, elastic band, good performance into the slot, use small elongation. Selectio

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Polyester conveyor belt

Polyester conveyor belt, also known as EP conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belts, conveyors, cement conveyor belt body high modulus, elongation a

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