Conveyor Pulleys

Conveyor pulley


Pulley drives conveyor belt and gives tension to the belt by pulling at end of the conveyor line. We can supply very highly durable pulleys manufactured under our own safety first design concept and high quality manufacturing technology.

Conveyor Pulley series:

(1)The conveyor pulley set contains drive pulley set and turnabout pulley set, the drive pulley is the main part for power transmission, the conveyor pulley set includes smooth surface, rubber surface, the rubber surface shape includes smooth surface rubber, chevron rubber, and diamond rubber to satisfy the different process requirement.

(2)The turnabout pulley is divided into smooth surface rubber and smooth steel surface, including light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty in structure. All conveyor pulley adopt the integral bearing seat, lubricant grease for lubrication.

(3)The conveyor pulley shaft is made of 45 steel, the bearing seat is made of iron casting, steel casting, the pulley body is welded. The conveyor pulley structure is reasonable and convenient for type selection, with reliable performance and long service life.

(4)The maintenance free period shall be 5-10 years under normal operating condition.

RCT series pulley:

Regarding the RCT series permanent-magnet pulley, which is also called magnetic pulley or dry type magnetic separator for lump ore .Its internal contains the high performance hard magnetic material to make up the composite magnetic system and is characterized by high magnetic field strength, deep depth, simple structure, convenient operation, maintenance free, without power consumption and demagnetization in operation. The conveyor pulley is applicable to cement, magnetic separation, mine, steel, chemical industry, fire resisting material, refuse treatment for iron beneficiation.The conveyor pulley may be used for DT-75, AD-80 general fixed type belt conveyor to replace the drive wheel, or for the special belt conveyor.

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